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WhatsNow - Video Recorder

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Real-time video recorder with the worlds first "Time&Location Dynamic Watermark"WhatsNow is a live video recording tool, created for you to upload, publish and share any first-hand news you have witnessed, fast and conveniently in real-time. We also feature the world’s first “Time/Location Dynamic Watermark”, designed to keep an accurate record of the time and location of where your recordings has happened, you’ll never know when it might come in use.
• Instant Recording - Committed to the optimization of our startup speed, WhatsNow’s fast launching sequence allows you to instantly record whatever’s happening around you. Whether it’s news, a video blog of your travels, or even evidence of a crime! It’s always ready to capture them.
• Dynamic Watermark - The world’s first time/location dynamic watermark, displays the genuine time and location of your recording during playback.
• Record & upload simultaneously - WhatsNow’s professional video processing technology supports fast video uploads without transcoding. Record and upload your video simultaneously, to instantly publish/share your videos.
• Video editing - Our user friendly editor and built-in video effects allows you to enhance the quality of your videos in just a few simple steps.
• Sharing - Supports multiple social media platforms, share your videos to your friends, family and the world with one tap!
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